mini bows =3

 photo DSCN2928_zpsda3fc197.jpg

Mini bows! I’m so glad Mikoto is almost done =3 I slacked so badly today though! T.T I played a lot of Animal crossing and what not.. but umm.. happy Summer Solstice~? xDD

I’ve gotten to the tedious part of the cosplays where its just sewing on details >.< It’s so tedious and I’m gonna need a better sewing desk to account for the long period of time in front of the sewing machine. Yesterday Gee stopped me from buying another mannequin which was going to be bought for accessories and looks versus practicality of fittings.  I really do want it but.. he’s right on so many things. 1. I can spend the money on something else. and 2. I don’t have room for it whatsoever. So I’m really looking forward in making enough money to get myself a studio. I know, it sounds weird and it really is but I want one. Actually.. what I want more is a storefront with a backroom for myself to work in. I think that’d be awesome. Or EVEN better is just a huge house with a big room to myself =3 But let’s face it… that’s not happening anytime soon xDD

Alright. I’ll stop dreaming. =3


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