Gee is wonderful at being logical.. and getting people to admit stuff to themselves =.= So I ended up staying up till 4am just… talking and thinking. It was quite something. I’m amazing I found the strength to wake up before noon lol!

I got a BUNCH done today though =3 I’m happy! Mikoto is 90% done with some few adjustments. I learned that interfacing lies and always trust your instincts on it =.= Really.. I don’t see why I change the way I do things if they work for me so nicely! Lol! Then I have Kirito at about.. 20% done… which is pretty good for a day’s work. I wonder if I can buckle down and finish Kirito before Saturday. I’m apparently out all Saturday for a.. wedding?!

Right. Have to go buy a new dress tomorrow. ….yay. xD



One thought on “Steering

  1. Weddings are fun to go to but are annoying as soon as you realize that there is only people older than you and they only talk about stuff for old people and you are like the youngest person in there…

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