Skirt goes poof!

 photo DSCN2915_zpsde5fcdf0.jpg

Skirt +

 photo DSCN2916_zpsc5a021d9.jpg

Petticoat =

 photo DSCN2914_zpsbff2934b.jpg

Poofier skirt!!

Although honestly I’m not happy with the poof… I want it just a little bit more so I have ANOTHER skirt I might wear underneath that… or just add more tulle… probably more tulle xD (btw those were my pjs/work out clothes I’m wearing underneath xDD)

The tulle skirt I kinda looked around at online tutorials and just… took bits of them and tried to make something I thought was easy. I ended up splitting the tulle into 4 parts and then into 8 which really ended up to be 16 individual pieces. A pair was snatched and sewn together with slight ruffles in it… then another pair was taken and given some massive ruffle action! Threw the smaller one onto the other and POOF it went!

Last night I cut out 90% of my Mikoto cosplay! OH! THE WIG CAME IN! Long sleek black wig =3 I was so nervous it wouldn’t come but it did ^^ What’s even better? People love me so I got it for free! <3 So thank you to the awesome seller of that. =3

Hmm.. anything else… nope. I think that’s it! I said I’d get a photoshoot tomorrow but I had so much work today I didn’t get around to finishing it T.T It’s sad! But I will finish it this weekend and it’ll be all dandy. lol~ Then I’ll start on Asuna and Kirito!



4 thoughts on “Skirt goes poof!

  1. Nikki i have a question could it be that nguyen is a family name which is often used? because i found out that an asian family lives in the same street as i do named nguyen and when i google nguyen it happens to be there thousand of times. Now something to the skirt i like how poofy it is and i agree with you that it could be a little bit more but i guess its fine the way it is also i wish i could sew poofy skirts(or sew atleast anything…) but i guess i will never be able to i have no talent for sewing^^ the only thing i have a talent is being kind but well i guess you cant count that as a talent xD

    • Nguyen is a really really common family name xD It’s gotten to the point where I couldn’t even find my name in a program because there would be so many!

      Talent or not, if you want to learn to sew you can ^^

      • And being kind is an awesome talent =3 It’s harder to stay positive and be nice, don’t lose it! We’re too easily corrupted these days >.<

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