It’s a love hate thing

 photo DSCN2903_zps403a4f97.jpg

Alright so I’ve had this surface tablet RT for the past few days. It’s been… a challenge. I was SUPER happy I got it and then.. well… then I found out how limited microsoft made it T.T So here’s my little rant on it if anyone else was debating on getting one like I was… only some main points I found:

What I loved:

– The shape. I love the square tablets!
– Smoothness and the free keyboard
– Easy to multitask
– Skype!

What I hated:

– The limit-ability of only being able to get apps! It’s horrid…
– After awhile I started getting errors and was unable to download apps…
– NO CHROME?! Through getting this I realized how much of a google person I was >.<

Yea… overall I kept looking over at Sony’s tablet which was square and looked ALOT nicer >.< So I’m returning this surface just because.. after all the doubt about it I figured I would do myself the favor and give myself less of a heartache. So I’m in the returning process right now and Microsoft seems to have an AWESOME return policy which I applaud them for (as of now.. lets see what I say at the end though!)

Yep. The progress on my cosplay is pretty good. I have pictures uploaded but I actually have no time to write about it.. maybe tomorrow~?



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