Archive | June 10, 2013

Its… a normal skirt. for now!


So sorry for the picture… grossness. I took it in the dark o.o Why? Cause its past midnight and people are trying to sleep XDD So REALLY sorry you can see inside my trashcan >.>;;

Anyways! I finish this skirt… well basically yesterday. I just attached the top and included a zipper today. It’s flat but I already have the petticoat in the making =3 So it’ll go POOF!

It’s basically a full circle skirt plus some.. so like 125% more circle skirt than a normal one xD I used the extra length to make pleats in the front =3 I actually spent a good 30 minutes just hemming the bottom =.= Crazy amount of fabric there! Kind of wish I invested in a different type of fabric, maybe something heavier, but I’m trying to go on a cost saving budget and most of my money is really going to my store >.< (and food… I won’t lie, alot of it goes to food)

Plus the skirt suffocates me.. I made it slightly smaller… since I don’t want the extra fabric to really show in the front. SO… I have to stay the same build or work out just to make it fit more comfortably… it’s a good way to make me go work out.. really!

Most of my day has been with working though.. like legit working. Throwing out emails, calling people.. ugh =.=