Archive | June 8, 2013

Beach inspiration


I went to the beach awhile ago and forgot to post this … post. Like on June 5th apparently cause that’s the time stamp xD I just took a random picture cause I wanted to remember the sight. I don’t go to the beach that often and it’s not the greatest (sand in eyes, hair, random spaces combined with salt… and seaweed).

Its calming though =3

Today was NOT a beach day for me. I woke up. Ate. Showered. Got turned into a taxi driver where I dropped people off and picked them up. I did get some boba though :] And then I tried to work on cosplay which I got a little done of but I was so tired …. I fell asleep in the 2 hour church I had. Ate food as a celebration to my old teacher. Then I’m home eating more cause my mother brought home part of the extra food! (yay.) Although someone made REALLY good salad dressing where it was light but something ive never tasted before. It was amazing.

Other than that. Tomorrow I’m going out to buy.. guess it. FABRIC <3 I have a week for Mikoto. I know. I’m a horrible person. I promise so many things but I end up forgetting or not being able to get it done. T.T

Hurr… I need to work on that. It’s not a good trait to have xD