It’s my way.

I didn’t think.. I’d be even more stress than finals week of school. I really didn’t think it was possible but apparently there are more stressful situations in the world xD I know… “the world doesn’t revolve around me” why have I been hearing that more? What DOES it revolve around? I know if I die it won’t make a dent in the world. But to me, I am important. That makes sense right? Is it so bad that I want to do things my way? If I only get one chance to do them… why not my own way?

Doesn’t that make sense? The world will revolve around anything and everything. It revolves around everything we do and everything we are. Therefore, the world revolves around me. Does it ONLY revolve around me? Phsh no, but I hope I make a difference in it. And it will keep going around if I do things my way.

Looks like some people might be worried about me. I’m glad I have a friend who asks if I’m okay just by a text that I thought seemed normal.

I need to stop stressing. Easier said than done though. I feel as though everything in the future is weighing more heavily on whatever I do now. Do you know how that feels? It’s horrible! I know my path.. why can’t I find the hidden road there? Why is it so hard!? It really seems as though I’m taking 50 pit stops where I won’t ever seem to get to my destination at this point. Are these things more important that my dream?



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