Colors =.=

PHANTOM BREAKER~!! Sorry… I just finished planning out the patterns for it and bought my wig! It’s lovely really~ I’m REALLY hoping that it comes in time though cause it’s gonna be cut really closely >.< I’m super mad at myself for not buying it earlier because I forgot about shipping delays >.< Now I can’t match fabric to the wig which sucks… T.T So I am just gonna have to .. guess it. We’ll see how this goes.. .T.T Maybe I should just use black fabric.. it looks black on its own actually.. Actually her hair looks black and I got black/purple.. UGH. Annoying.

So yes. I’m going over possibilities right now and.. since I already ordered the wig… I figured color will be good! Fun fun fun stuff though. xD This is why I want to just make my own fabric xDD



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