photo 20130516_010623_zpsf0e1e22c.jpg

Gee found the BEST fabric today!! ITS COW PRINT!! <3 I have NO idea why I’m so happy but… it’s seriously awesome. It was in remnants though so it was like half a yard for $1. Yea. Straight $1. It felt so weird just giving them 1 dollar… lol!

Its been a few months since I last went to Joanns and we went today kinda reluctantly.. but I forget how great it is =3 It’s really something to walk back in a fabric store and go “the fabriccss…. /grin”

I have a commission going on for a friend: picked out the colors today as well as got them confirmed!

 photo 20130515_200319_zpsb4a023e3.jpg

Very neutral kind of colors too. Should be something fun to make. Although my summer is looking bleaker and scarier as it comes closer. I know my parents are worried but… I don’t need a back up plan! I need … well… I need to do things on my own for a little. That’s all.

Anyways… COW fabric!! =33 exciting stuff there.



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