Cakes. Bread!

 photo DSCN2829_zpseebdf0fd.jpg

Such… good… cake!!! Really.

This was from yesterday~ Gee has been hearing of this really good bakery for awhile and even had cake there! So he took us there in our Friday and we were… well.. honestly I was dissapointed in their store front and interior design. It has a “old” feel to it which is weird for it having such classy items. Plus the workers have a sort of uniform which was brown… and it sort of matched but I think an accent color would’ve been nicer.

But anyways! The food! Right. We had curry there cause.. well everyone in the shop was eating some and he guessed it was cause it was good. Was only okay. I can see why alot of people didn’t finish it… then again they should be ashamed for leaving food like that >.>

Also got Melon pan~

 photo DSCN2832_zpsa223d618.jpg

you can see the bakery is Cream Pan =3 since apparently 1988 o.o

Oh man… looking at this is making me want sweets now =3= A mango will have to suffice >.>



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