Filler post >.>

 photo 20130428_222207_zps3cc2a4c7.jpg

Got my nails done recently~ they’ve been breaking and cracking pretty badly lately… probably means I should eat healthier. So I’ve been making myself bring lunch and constant snacks =3 It’s better than getting fries or burgers >.> It really is!

Right.. the nails. Cousin did them xD He insists on using “diamonds” on me, probably cause he knows I like the sparkles. This is kinda too much but.. eh. I works I guess. I asked for a flower and he gave me… fire…works? xD Cause it’s not really a flower >.>

Right about those Sakura photos… It’s getting there. I’m trying to make time for it but it’s just like ugh =.= So much. Seriously so much.

I did start a pair of pajama shorts. I found I like going to the sewing machine like in the small free time I have. The waiting free time! Like before leaving for somewhere or before eating. It’s weird huh. It’s like… sewing is the one thing I can pick up at any time xD For any project really…. it’s lovely~



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