It’s a monster!

 photo infi_zps7656d468.png

I umm.. umm… am doing a little something which required me to draw out a monster… It took me 20 minutes before church and a lot of erasing to figure something out xD This is what came about it~ Not really suppose to be anything.. just kinda a doodle. I really can’t draw 4 legged creatures but it was still fun xD I named it Ifici! 

Yea… this is what I did today other than try to not succumb to a horrible headache >.>

Oh! I did take a Sakura photoshoot yesterday which I’m looking through the photos of. A very very SHORT shoot but… meh. At least I can retire sakura now =3 And then I turn her dress into something else! Sounds fun huh~ It really is fun =3 

Alright. Time to play some league… sleep. Then do these weekend days all over again! I’ll try to update on the photos tomorrow~ 


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