Flower tail xP


Umm…yea. So my little group of friends got an app called “snap chat” which basically sends a person a picture for a certain amount of seconds then it gets deleted forever!!! (FOREEEVVERR!) You can draw on it and put little captions… it’s really quite a lovely tool for showing useless and random things to people. really! So like this.. Heather sent this to me and Jer showing how he holds one of my props =.= It was funny, it’s like a flower tail! xDD

Yea… And at random times whenever I feel like it it’s super easy to screeen shot my phone which technically “saves” the picture. What’s horrible is that it also TELLS the person who sent it that they took a picture  of it >.> I’ve tested it… they’ve caught me T.T

Oh man so I had my first presentation of my horrid end of the semester presentations! T.T Actually this one wasn’t so bad, I’m terrified of next week o.o At this point I can’t wait for it all to be over >.< (not sure how many times I’ve said that!!)

OH OH! For AX the famous phillipino cosplayer is coming as a guest and judge!!! I’m SUPER excited to see her in person just because I’ve known and admired her work for awhile now. She’s really the only one I know from there.. there are a few from singapore and a few from russia I know of too o.o I feel like I’m stalking but they are just so.. memorable. I want to get there but I also want to get there with the people I care about. Take Gee, how epic are we as a cosplayer – photographer team? We’re still practicing as much as we can! I’m really tempted to take 3 months off of EVERYTHING and while other graduates go travel, I want to finish as many cosplays as I can before my parents either 1. kick me out of the house or 2. nag me to death about a job. It’s really one or the other.


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