I sparkled~

 photo DSCN2810_zpsfb91a05d.jpg

I did my nails =3 This is my.. awkward picture of it >.> But I feel so… girlie with this =3 I kinda wish there wasn’t purple big sparkles on the smaller pink sparkles but… eh. Gotta use what I have right?

On another note. Gee is making me watch LOTR… again. (lord of the rings) so I spent a good 3 hours today just watching that and getting some minimal work done while doing that xDD I woke up at noon today too. So. To get my butt out of bed earlier. I won’t start to do work until noon so if I wake up earlier than that it will be my play games while watching another movie morning =3 That’s my incentive. really~

Now… now I will finish applying to jobs! yea that’s right. I’m being forced to apply to jobs =3= Nerve racking much?



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