Massive paper time

 photo DSCN2805_zps91c678f8.jpg

Actually working on Asuna again! See? Using myself as a mannequin even though … I…have one… >.> but these are just the pieces I have done… so far.Today I finished drafting the top almost completely. It took me awhile to get the shape right and all… still have more tweaking to do but I’m hoping I can get a lot of the fabric work done over this break =3

 photo DSCN2807_zps8657f281.jpg

Well the picture is bad so you can’t really see the lines I’m drawing but… this is my drafting paper =3 so I can make big easy look patterns! wo! xDD It’s really just banner paper… you know… cheerleader pep rally paper xD But there is ALOT in a roll so I’m not so afraid of wasting it so much. Quite useful for pattern making of your own~

PS. That’s my new haircut in the picture =3 I love it~ Although it’s fluffier normally..



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