New skirt~

 photo DSCN2793_zpsfcea7653.jpg

I finished my skirt finally!! Just made it out of extra fabric from awhile ago… kind of just winged it too. Not a circle skirt either!! Almost one but not really.. ? Needs a belt still ( something i have yet to find in my room) but ill hopefully get a better picture of it later~ May make a second skirt like this but with different material. Although I love this grey material because it doesn’t wrinkle easily and poofs out more =3 material, it’s important!

So yes. a little pet project of mine that I did on some off time while waiting or while watching a show. I’ll put up more details on my cosplay blog which has been much neglected >.<

I really do love this skirt though… Gee says its so.. Asian xD



2 thoughts on “New skirt~

  1. The skirt looks great and the grey fabric looks great.A little question is there any work going on on your asuna cosplay or is it frozen for the moment?because you want to finish other things like the skirts and so?I just kinda want to know because you didnt post for a long time about cosplay and sewing:)

    • Asuna is currently on hold >.< I've been procrastinating on getting a part of it which hasn't allowed me to move forward on it. But my spring break is coming and I will work on it then for sure ^^ Skirts are just really easy for me to make and doesn't put a lot of pressure on me~

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