photo cait_zpsd62a7b42.jpg

Like my new laptop background~? I finally changed it! It’s.. been okami for… ….. probably a few years now xD But I thought I needed a change~ And I was right! I love all the white space =3 It’s cleaner.. well.. okay It’s nice cause I know when I have to do things. The odd icons floating around are the things that are not suppose to be on there and  I need to do them before I can move them >.>

But! It’s really.. empowering? This background that is~ Makes me want to go out there and be bada** xDD For the lack of better word there.

You can also tell by the date in the corner that I am up incredibly late >.> So good night all~

NOTE: Caitlyn from League of Legends =3 Not official art, credits to whoever did it? xD



One thought on “Boom!

  1. minecraft,technic launcher hmm technic launcher is good for building but its complicated to craft stuff with ^^ and obviously you got league of legends as shortcut^^ and yeah it isnt late on your pc i was awake till 4 am my time and woke up 9 am(1hr 55 minutes) ago

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