Tea =3


Ha…haha. xD This made me laugh at the store today xD I’ve never seen it like this >.> Get it? Earl Grey Tea and Lady Grey Tea? Cause…. Earls are guys… so they made a lady one =3 I really wanted to buy both and try them out >.> To see the difference, although from the written portion at the bottom it seems like the lady one is more… fruity.

It’s super cute though >.> <3

I’ve been swamped with school stuff mostly. Well.. okay I did take out an hour or two just for league >.> It’s fun! Plus we won…. somehow. I think I’m getting better actually. Got my first Quadra Kill in a normal game =3 Oh accomplishments~~

Mmm…. on another note. I think even with a group near me I still turn pink while talking in front of the class >.> It’s not that I was scared I think it’s just a nervous feeling… Tea might help. right? Right. I’m thinking of going back to drinking it just because it’s healthier…



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