Hunny has a new friend =3

 photo DSCN2766_zpsa63f1030.jpg

The neighbors have a free roaming cat with a cute red harness… it actually reminds me of a tiger when it walks o.o This is the first time I’ve been able to see the two really interact though! So the cat just comes up and lays in the patches of dirt that Hunny either digs at or just lays at. And it looks like he is going to pounce on Hunny.. which he kinda does but not a quick as a cat would if it was trying to catch a prey. A few times the kitty pawed at hunny playfully and it was so cute!

It’s weird though cause we thought the cat was harassing Hunny bunny but…. when hunny saw him after going inside for awhile.. he did this huge jump up into the air! It was amazing… he looked SO happy. It was so cute =3 So I’m pretty sure they are friends at this point~

I also have to go out and buy a collar soon for hunny because a girl tried stealing him today >.> Soo…. Collar. for sure.

Other than that…. Did alot today =3 Working on something new tooo!! Watch out for it~


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