The difference…


So the order on the bottom.. is the first order I get got. And I thought it was specific to me like.. my next order would be 1002 right? That makes sense~! But the next order I got was THAT huge number! So now I’m thinking.. man storenvy.. you grew alot in a few months o.o From a thousand orders to 2 million. That’s just crazy to me o.o But the order numbers are fun to look at~ Easier for storenvy to track but I’m kind of worried about the future… will they start to use numbers? xD

Anyways… I’m SUPER busy this semester to the point of I’m waking up super early and working till midnight. Yea. It’s sucking so badly. And I am not looking forward to next week T.T Why is school kicking my butt so much! These classes are hard T.T



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