I like Ahri…

 photo DSCN2736_zps9674b9ef.jpg

heh… I’ve been getting a lot better with playing Ahri from League of Legends and… well.. it’s gotten to the point where she has become my phone lock screen wallpaper! What did you look at first~? xD The face right? Or maybe the bit of saliva coming off her mouth and tail…. >.>

Well… I love this on my phone~ I believe Gee has Sona on his and Hea has… Kayle? all of our pictures are kinda… boobish. lol! I always feel kind of paranoid people will think I’m this huge perv at school if they see it though… is it weird for a girl to have this as her background? >.>;; I don’t think so but…. eh. At least it’s a drawing and not some real girl’s boobs. Is this better or worse than myself as my background… lol! xDD

Anyways… I took a boba and shopping trip by myself (ish) Went to boba with my brother and ducked into forever 21  for a bit to see the sales. I found a few things that were just okay… but I thought… why go buy stuff if its just… okay? I don’t want to spend money on a skirt I would only wear at home -.- I need stuff to wear out! so… left empty handed. This time. I need to go back.



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