It’s a beat~

I don’t think I’ve put this song on here yet…. but I’ve been liking listening to this cover version a lot more than the original >.> I think it’s partially because there is no rap part in it xD Plus it’s kinda cool no? I mean comon… what’s better than music and… girls? lol!

So much to do, so little time. Really. I can’t believe how much time I waste =.= It’s sad. On the bright side, classes have been more interesting. My life though? Doesn’t seem to be xD Probably why the lack of a lot of pictures… so I’m really going to see if I can try to get more of my day out there. Really!

Eating grass jelly at the moment though <3 Mother tells me it’ll help with the canker sore I have >.< I hope so! Cause they hurt and it sucks -.- Remember, don’t get them confused with cold sores. Completely different!

Apparently it is also girl scout cookies time. My sister got.. 4… boxes….




ps. Thanks to anyone who might have helped or just checked out my friend’s kickstarter from a bit ago! (Justin Klunk~) He actually got his EP funded completely so I’m SUPER excited for him!


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