Dress crazy xD

So lately I’ve been on pinterest and mainly just do it to look at fashiony items and keep track of them xD I love just looking at the cool designs xD Plus it’s a great place for looking at wedding dresses and what not~ No. I’m not getting married! I don’t even know what kind of dress I’d want xD But I do have some elements in mind for a dream dress…  but this is just so I have ideas for my next collection ~ Here’s my lovely board of dresses so far! (no I don’t write the comments xD)

And then I was on facebook and someone posted this link of how couture dresses are sewn by HAND. And it’s crazy!! I was watching this is awe lol! I would much rather be the designer than the person in the back sewing it all on for hours upon hours >.>

but for now… I’m both xD



One thought on “Dress crazy xD

  1. you are like one of the few (around 10 girls) that i know that like dresses.Other girls i know are like ewww dresses and dont like them i dunno why… .Dresses are fun to wear and also very pretty*-*.

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