Flowery tea

 photo DSCN2676_zps9b953714.jpg

So this is not a weird sea creature trying to eat you. promise. =3 It’s really my tea… so in reality I’m trying to eat it? Okay drink it. lol! that’s not much better huh?

Well It’s a blooming flower tea so it flavors the hot water as well as makes it look pretty. Looks really nice in a glass teapot! Don’t have one though…. but these glasses work fine too =3 Not really a fan favorite of whatever peach this was… but it was cool to have around xD

Hmm.. Today was odd. I went around with mother and kinda tailed her. Got some yummy food and goodies out of it but it really wears you down o.o It’s just… passive work I think is what bores me… I did get a nice chunk of the book I’m reading done (it’s a job helping… book)

Anyways… I’ve been odd… I can admit that xD Sooo I’ll just end this here xD



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