I know this isn’t smart of me but… I think I just took up a new hobby o.o It’s called needle felting. Probably the most tedious and extremely repetitive boring thing I have done. But for some odd reason I just want to … keep doing it? So the wool “unpoked” is on the right.. that big black blob. The needle me and Gee bought (cause he found wool really cheap so he’s trying it with me) Which is some special needle with small groves on the sides of it. And after about 30-50 minutes of poking, I turned a small curled piece of wool into a ball. And it seriously took that long for that small thing =.= Plus my hands were cramping >.< I told you, tedious. But I’ve seen some cool stuff made from them xD Gee is currently in the process of making a totoro…. that black ball will turn into a soot ball ^^

Let’s see… man today I barely did anything but play with some bow stuff, minecraft, and this poking of a stress relieving thing. xDD

I’ve also been kind of lazy to update because not… alot happens. Not that I find worth documenting xDD I did make a cool castle in Minecraft… it has automatic doors and 4 towers where you can shoot from. Plus I just made a train station today >.> Mine station I guess lol~ Maybe pictures late.. maybe. …. maybe.



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