Mine…craft T.T


If anyone reading this once got addicted to minecraft or still are…. I feel you. I really do.

So awhile ago Gee’s friend got the both of us Minecraft because she’s way too nice. And we have been putting off playing it just because we were not only skeptical about it as a game but also because it seemed.. “meh”. Well.. we both tried it out yesterday and let me just say… I can’t stop thinking about it!! It’s seriously like harvest moon and sims all wrapped into one with some monster hunter =.= No wonder why people love it.

I love it T.T

Though I do wish it was cuter >.> comon people, make a cuter version!! >.>;; Above you see my “underground” house. There is a door and walls and a roof.. just…well… I wasn’t happy I didn’t have a lot of space so I build downward. I’m working on making room >.> Too much? Oh well xDD I’ll figure something out LOL~

So yes… this is the reason I did not update yesterday xD It’s all Gee’s fault!! T.T

I did get to go out today though, it was nice being away from home for  bit xD



9 thoughts on “Mine…craft T.T

  1. i also have minecraft there are some texture packs that make the game cuter maybe^^ if you and gee would find a nice server to play on together i could may join you to help you around a little like with crafting stuff and farming stuff and brewing i play it since the first beta patch it was 10euro back then now its 20-25 euro depends where you get the keys for it from and i also could make you a skin for your character i did make mine myself http://img4.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/20130112124hdtpz9av5n.png <— my skin :)

    • Awww that’s cute! How do you make a skin for a character? It seems fun to do =3 Although I dunno, can minecraft go between countries?

      • sure it can you just need to find a server where people can connect to.To make a skin you need to download http://minecraft.net/images/char.png the normal standard minecraft skin and edit in something like photoshop pixel by pixel.It can end up in a lot of work though if you try it at first, my first skin was like the worst ever because i didnt know which part was shown on which part of the character still dont know it that exactly but if i want to know about it i download skins others made to look where they did put the colour http://www.minecraftskins.com/ <—- this is a site where you can look for skins or you can just google minecraft skins but making one yourself is more fun than taking one that is allready made cause the allready made ones have not the personal touch and are used by others aswell,but maybe you could try to make one,sadly there is no way of making ballgowns or skirts standing out so it is all flat but at the head part there is 1 pixel out all around the head that you can use for glasses headphones flowers and such i cant add any of that to my character cause i made the hair on the outer spot of the head and i think it looks better than it being flat on the head^^ and if you cant make a skin because its to complicated than i could make you one if i find the time to make one but i cant promise that it can look good minecraft skins are limited when it comes to looking^^

          • to the finding of a server never go on server that uses hamachi i did use once hamachi and my pc was dying because it lets everything trough to your pc from the pc’s in the network you are in that means viruses and all that but normal not hamachi servers are fine but there is not a 100% chance of finding nice people to play with some of them are(like in everygame i know) rude and assholes if iam allowed to say it that way^^ but there is allways the single player mode or the lan mode where you can play with people that are using the same internet connection as you do :)

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