Made a maid~


Yes. I did xD It IS what you think. It’s a maid (and quite the slutty one) skirt~ I found less than a yard of black stretchy fabric in my stockpile and a whole bunch of different white types of fabric. So I Really couldn’t make the skirt longer… I tried with the white waist part >.< I got to test my serger’s automatic gathering (which I kinda messed up on -.- still getting the hang of it) and the zipper foot for close sewing at the waist part. Oh! The heart on the working pocket is embroidered… Really badly xD I’m getting the hang of it though!! I just need more practice~ Next time I’ll make it with different colored thread…. black perhaps? xD  Mm.. what else…. it only took a few hours for it all AND the apron and the skirt are actually separate pieces. The skirt is attached onto an elastic waistband and the apron is super long in the back so it makes a super cute big bow! <3 Yea… I love it~

No. I won’t be wearing this out in public xD At least not without full tights xDD It was just a short project~ Testing bits and pieces of both my machines =3 Hopefully I’ll get more done tomorrow! Today was kind of my slacker day where I sat and watched TV while doing my nails >.>;;; don’t judge!

Yea… so I’m just really glad I could finish an impromptu project so quickly.. and nicely mind you~ It’s washable =3



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