Girls day out?


Today was a rare day actually… went out with the girls o.o Like… HS friends. It’s cute that every year on breaks we try to get together at least once. It’s nice. I’m kinda sad I didn’t get them gifts really… but I did have some time to make them each a little anti-dust thing~ Two of which I’ll be selling at my storenvy and at ALA~ But one I will most likely not be which is this one:


Kinda cute.. I think so at least xDD Kind of also reminds me of something that supports breast cancer because of the pink ribbon placed like that xD Anyways Kasu got this one~ Hope the ribbon doesn’t break on you >.> I don’t think I let the glue set for long enough…

So I won’t have Asuna done in time… but I’ll be trying to make a gijinka for ALA because.. well it seems as though me making a new pokemon cosplay before con is a trend now… not like I mind too much. I’d rather make anew crappy cosplay than ruin Asuna >.< Plus I won’t have my Kirito!! But who knows~

I have to get my butt working on items… I really do. On another note… got ramen today~ It was yummy o.o Like… I really really liked it. Better than the ones I’ve had .. okay maybe except for one occasion xD Anyways it was a nice day to just gossip and what not xD It’s fun every now and then…. now I don’t see myself doing that a lot…. too much >.<

I did stumble over this cover. Thought I’d share if you’re bored xD



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