Umm… that’s it.

Kind of what finals is making me do…. like.. really. I actually spilled burning hot tea on my hand today >.< It wasn’t pretty… but it wasn’t bad either~ So that’s always good no? I had a final exam yesterday where I probably had the same look on my face as Mulan xD IT was horrible because…. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked because I didn’t do my normal study routine beforehand… instead I’ve been like.. trying to cram a semester’s worth of econ into my head T.T Either way. you and me Mulan… we got this xD

Here’s my little.. rant where I assume Gee doesn’t read xD Cause honestly.. no matter what I put on here… he doesn’t seem to comment on anyways~ Well he came to school after my final today and I got to eat his food =3 Actual food. I looked back at that sentence and I thought that needed to be stated XD Not like he HAD to do that… and I was expecting him not to honestly… so I perked up a bit after seeing him just sitting there… playing DN >.> It was a suckish day of studying and sitting through tedious presentations… but I think it ended well~ Yea my maze in SC wasn’t as great but… I don’t care~ It’s fun either way~ Might be a little addicted… might. Anyways, <3

Well since I decided to do this post mulan themeed….

This will be me right around…. 4pm tomorrow. Then I’m DONE. DONE DANGIT! >.>;; Then I’ll go on a rampage with cute things. That’s right. Cute things. Fluffy, pink, stuffed, and overly sparkly cute things =3 Scared yet~?



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