Poofy dresses are fun

taken from tumblr xD

From Vera Wang

It’s something about the poofy dresses that just make me so excited…. I dunno why. It’s not really the princess factor but more of the cute but elegant one that I just love so much… it’s why I’m not THAT into ruffles but at the same time I am lol~

So I can’t provide you with any good pictures today so I thought this would work just because besdies studying I’ve been forming wedding dresses designs in my head~ I think if I could get funded I really would make them… it’s always been something I think I would love doing.;… making dresses and seeing bride’s faces light up in them… it’s like.. they can’t be happy getting a really pretty dress right?

So yes. I bought a acrylic stand today so I can start making some sort of display for ALA table =3 I’m dreading it cause its 18 days away and that’s just not enough. T.T



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