Happy 12.12.12~


At least something memorable happened xD

Yea sooo… Gee was awesome and we drove off campus right before my class. My class started at 4 and I was only going to be like.. 10 minutes late. Well… if it wasn’t for my groupmates calling me to warn me they got evacuated, I probably would’ve tried to walk in the building like it was nobody’s business xDD

OH yea. That building up there is basically my home xD I love that building though, really. The classrooms are so nice~ lol!

Oh the story? Some guys ….possible homicide… kind of smart to try to run in a college to “blend in” but honestly … not smart because I’m confident they’ll get caught just like their friends. But I feel so sorry for the ones that are literally on lockdown in the school like… literally. I think this is the library… just from the looks of the pictures. I’ve only ever seen them there….

So yea. My school’s trending topic for today =3 Happy but not..you know? I’m glad me and Gee went off the the mall in the next city over xD I waited until we got a message that all classes were cancelled for the night until I left to home. I did something that made Gee worry though XD before he got to school I went into a building to go to the bathroom because I had ALOT of water before >.> Yea… Then I ran back out lol! It was halfway across campus anyways >.>

Yep. No classes. But I didn’t spend my time very productively either. I think I should go study now >.>



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