Bbq coma


Had Korean BBQ today~ It was a really nice place… somewhere far from where I live T.T But I made the trip down to see “family” members xD It was fun.. but after awhile I got sleepy! Then we sat there for awhile and I woke up xD Drove home.. man that felt short but long..

Ah I love bugogi >.> did I spell that right? Whatever. IT’s some GOOD STUFF T.T I think its like thinly sliced beef….. but they sauced it up nicely too. I ate so much…. I feel so fat >.> It’s awesome.

I ran so many errands today too. Got Lucky licensed =3 Finally. Apparently the mean ladies? Yea… they look like the only two workers that work at animal control for the city…. and apparently they it’s HQ is a bungalow… awkward much? So I tried to not walk right back through the door after seeing her =.= She didn’t even say hi when I walked in! I was like.. wth… customer service sucks with you guys huh? Smile more! Doesn’t hurt =.=

I also got my brother to do my oil change and rotate my tires =3 See? Errands~ Now time for some games after some minor hw stuff xDDD I’ll wake up semi early tomorrow to do more…



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