Tart fruit custard… thing.


I tried my hand at some..cooking today. Just a bit… it’s not so bad xD The main part, the custard, was actually pretty good except for maybe the chunks >.> Yea…. Typical beginner work xD But my daddy ate it and said it was yummy~ Of course lol!

I’m still working on the recipe. I kind of got the hang of it so I’ll keep trying… Don’t ask why it’s all orange…….. Strawberries were too expensive and I wouldn’t find Kiwis… I don’t think raspberries and blueberries would’ve been yummy either… So I added apples. xD If my whole family gets sick cause of this… I swear it wasn’t my fault. T.T My cooking isn’t that bad!!

Other than that I ran errands all day and snuck in some game playing. Still. No studying. So I’m planing on waking up early tomorrow and studying =3 Yep. Studying. xD

Drove to Seal Beach area today too.. did you know there was a secured leisure world? Old peoples~ =3



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