swirlie table of thoughts


Starbucks table. =3

And you KNOW its specifically theirs because in the middle it has a drink name of theirs xD It’s quit ean interesting table. The Batista was taking FOREVER and not only did he stop in the middle of making an ICED TEA to redo another customer’s order…. he put the circle frap cap on our tea order… =.= I wanted to face palm… comon guys. training! Proper training!! Anyways this table is so interesting. We were having a lengthy conversation to see where the conversation was suppose to be… we have a few theories xD But mainly revolving around “who are you today” not “how are you today” interesting huh. Don’t strain your eyes trying to really read it though xD

Man today was so.. so…. dull. Like… class was all review so I wanted to sleep. Oh I saved my dog =3 See I said I’ll tell you guys the story but… I want a ending to it… so wait it out a bit more~? ^^;; gives you something to look forward to. I will start writing that blog post now though!

But for now.. I’ll go play DN and watch some Victoria Secret show 2012 =3 Yea. Why? THEIR WINGS are just.. so.. magnificent. it’s crazy. I love it. I wish I could work on their team one day….. everytime I see it I go in awe and I also think “dude, I could bring so many idea to the table too”



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