My pouty walk


This is what it looks like when I get pouty after my feet’s been hurting from a long day of walking in heels (that includes a mall crawl too!!) So we were at kohls…. bothering someone at work xD And I went to look for a seat… just happens that seat was in the shoe department! So I told Gee to go pick me out this thing he calls a “walking shoe”


These things are COMFY. I felt like I was walking on air o.o

So he snapped a pictures because it looks funny on me…. especially with what I was wearing XD But I did not want to take them off >.> Will these deter me from wearing heels often? No way! But can I get some flats with the same amount of cushion!? Ahh…. >.>;;

Oh so I did say like two days ago that I would update you on my situation…. uhhh… looks like yesterday my attitude changed =3 SO, I can update on THAT later. hopefully tonight.. I have a huge presentation today and I am not ready for it >.>



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