Kirina? Lol! Asuito

Kirito & Asuna

Kirito & Asuna

This is currently my phone’s background for like.. the past week or so actually. It’s been awesome to look at everyday ^^

Still haven’t watched SAO from all these posts that I’ve done? Shame on you xP It’s really a great anime. I tried working on Asuna today and it… just didn’t go well. I’ll probably try again tomorrow but inside the house where I know there is a large space of flooring for me to work on. Well.. I guess there is space out here… it’s just…. bunny >.>

So I got half of my econ paper done. Mother interrupted so I wen tot Michaels with her. Bought a bit for my new phone charms =3 Now I’m just trying to find one more source for my group paper. I hate group papers… do you know that? >.> I mean it’s not that bad since I write less… but it’s the pressure of making sure it’s cohesive with everyone else’s stuff that’s hard.

Anyways….. one more source. Then I’ll sketch and sleep =3


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