the haul.

Black Friday. I didn’t really take it seriously this year… so instead of waking up at my planned time of: 7:30am. I woke up at 9:00 am >.> Yea. My bad? xD I hate it when my blanket slips off of my shoulders so I wake up and snuggle back into bed just so my shoulders warm up… of course that leads to me going back to sleep XD Okay okay, point is. I didn’t leave the house till 10 am >.. (thanks bother =.=)

Basically I went out of the house twice to hit 2 different malls~ Once I just went back to get another shirt….. it was a good deal!!

So here’s the breakdown:
Total I spent – Under $120
Total it was worth – $315 ish.

What I got?
2 collared shirts -H&M
1 fully lined blazer – H&M
1 soft scarf – H&M
1 leather jacket – FE (my sister also got one, not factored in xD)
1 pair of white jeans – AE
1 necklace which I’ll get to – Love Culture
3 expansion packs of sims for the price of one!

I wanted a bit more but sizing made that a no-go. That’s the only reason why I didn’t spend an extra…. 50$ xD But oh right. I went to Love Culture because my sister wanted to. I was only shopping through their sale items when I came across this necklace:

Yes That’s 0.99 cents for it. and YES that’s denim entwined with the chain =.= I thought it was pretty ugly but I like the wing pendent.. especially for a buck. Which was technically suppose to be half off but I think she messed up =.= Whatever. I would’ve saved like 40 cents xD Doesn’t matter. So I went home and ripped apart the jean fabric. They actually superglue the ends so I busted out my jewelry making tools and took out a few links from each side. Also made the necklace chain smaller which I liked… alot. Anyways! Ended up with this in the end~


Alot better right? I think so =3 more fitting to me~ Now I can use the chain for this or throw something else on it and I’m thinking of putting that huge wing on a headband in a very interesting way… I’m not sure yet =3

Now the rest of my money goes to gifts….. and boba. Strictly boba. xD



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