I did say I’d show you what “jose” looks like now right~? =3 I didn’t make the blazer.. it’s what I’m trying to alter at the moment which is why it’s on her. I did make the collar but it’s too fatty xD But that’s okay, it’s just a prototype~

Man today I felt like it went nowhere. Like.. really. I had to meet with my group at school and the meeting was literally just joking around and saying we agree to whatever was on the sheet that everyone knows about. So I don’t really understand why I had to be there >.> More specifically.. why I wasted $10 of gas to get there and back T.T OH well. No point in complaining about it now… at least we did some nice bonding time >.>

I was also really close to buying the leather (not leather) jacket I’ve been wanting but when I got to the cashier.. .well… only one was exchangeable and not …both. which im thinking is SUPER odd. So I decided not to get them until I know for sure my sister will like the black one and my mom will for sure pay for it >.> Cause im broke beyond belief T.T I did put a little discount thin for my store so if you use the code “Thanks15” on any item in my store you get 15% off! Yea… not much? I know. Working on getting that lower. Really!

Now im off to look for Asuna’s wig =3



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