A practical skirt


Hey I was productive today~ =3 I finished Asuna’s skirt completely! Yea.. I know the red is REALLY bright in this picture but I think it’s because I took the picture kinda in the dark…. I’ll get better pictures tomorrow hopefully!

Oh yea tomorrow? Stuck doing a group project >.> It’s not that I don’t enjoy it… I’d just rather be at home working on my.. well.. work. I had a lot of fun finishing this skirt because of little things you can’t see in this picture. But it’s oddly clean on the inside with a french seam and some enforcement seams =3 This is also my first skirt I’ve ever made with a zipper!! I know that doesn’t sound like much but I always tried avoiding it.. I’m not sure why… this zipper part turned out really well =3 Yea. My little small win right here~

I also finally figured out a really clean way to do Asuna’s top part. I’m really excited so I really want to get working on it!! >.> I’m kinda lagging behind on all the papers I have to write though…. one due this week. One next. one after that. then 2 after that. It’s kinda crazy and I guess it’s the make-up for not really having “homework” throughout the semester xD

So who’s ready for Thanksgiving soon? I just wanna EAT xD <3



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