Sewing Makes sense!

Look. Just. LOOK!

For those of you who sew…. this is quite interesting~ Though of course if you won’t just looking at it is kinda cool lol!! Anyways. Point is. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW >.>;;;

The tension.. the lengths… how the bottom thread gets there! Okay.. I know I’m spazzing… but whoever made this is awesome >.> Gee sent me the link late last night and I was just too dang tired to post about it. We were busy loooking for nerds/geeks last night >.> Don’t ask.

Kay from here on out is my sewing spazz: –you have been warned–

So the tension count differs as the yellow thread gets pull tighter to pull the green. Thus when the tension count is too high on a certain fabric, the fabric will wrinkle oddly and the threads won’t sit nicely. I’ve always wondered why but now it makes sense xD So when it’s a looser tension, the two threads will barely hit and it causes the two fabrics (well most likely two fabrics) to not be sewn tightly together. It’s when you pull on it a little and you can see the thread kinda spacing apart? Yea. Too loose.
I also see why my machine gets so funky when the thread you are suppose to loop into the hook at the top (that kind moves up and down?) and if you don’t do that… well the yellow thread doesn’t get pulled up from the circle spin thing thus when it comes down for the next part it gets caught in itself.

Simplistic.. but works. I like sewing machines =3 Ah.. I sound so odd don’t I. Sorry for the spazz xD



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