Still him.


I had some crazy craving for bread.. like… breadstick bread! But Hea already had pizza for lunch so she didn’t want to have anything to do with pizza for dinner. Makes sense no? xD GEe then put the thought of a calzone in my head from BJ’s and he said the original one tastes like a big breadstick! WO! So I dragged them off to there where we spent WAY too much money on food =.= And some gross drinks >.> I feel bad though, I didn’t have enough cash and they paid the little differences for me.. which was like 6-7 bucks. =3= Well this just means I owe people bobaaaa~ lol!!

Anyways… here. Take a look at Hunny. He’s not very happy looking but it’s him. xD

LEt’s see…. anything else… I bought 2 new purses online which I hope will be coming in soon~? I really want them asap because I’ve been getting really annoyed with the ones I have right now….

Oh and my art seems to be hitting a downhill xD



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