tad bit narcissistic


It’s my new phone! and yes… my background is myself… it’s just a really cool background picture >.> At least for now. It’s my lovely Galaxy S 3 and It’s great~ For the most part… I still don’t know all the functions and all but I’m getting there…

LEt’s see…. I seriously don’t think there was much else going on with my weekend. (since technically monday counts as part of my weekend xDD) There is voting tomorrow though! Exciting stuff no? xD I have no idea who I’m going to vote for still, so many conflicting stuffs >.<

I also found out as of today I Have 5 papers to get through before the end of the semester. It’s getting crazy =.= I hate papers. You have to be in that writing paper mood… you know?

On another note. I bought a few things today for ALA’s artist Alley coming up ^^ I’m working on some new things and I really really hope they work. I also made Asuna’s skirt too short width wise so I have to go buy more fabric to finish it T.T I wore I did the meansurements correctly… then again I did rush it a bit >.< Oh well. Now I so don’t want to continue doing the cosplay but I know I sohuld. I also bought a huge roll of foam the other day. It’s lovely. really.


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