Something new~


Hi everyone! Lovely day today wasn’t it?

I got a few new surprises today… some nice… some okay… some what?! First off I started my day early =.= I hate that really… starting it off early but not really getting much done like I would have liked. I actually ended up getting something really really new yet not so new at the same time:


My new phone! Since apparently my family wanted to get them today… I was all okay for waiting but nooo -.- It’s a decent phone so far… fast yes. Kind of annoying for the interfacing though xDD

Another thing is that… we had some yummy food today and I got 2 new pencils and a new lining micron pen!! =3 Happy enough xD Big bang concert tomorrow! I can’t wait! Time to go play with the phone… I really hope it was worth so much money…



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