Half half


Didn’t get to post yesterday because I ended up getting home at about… 2pm? It was lovely. Got to spend a few hours just chatting with friends and having fun ^^ And man… Gee makes some really good drinks… it’s a perk having someone around that’s really good with..measurements lol! Mixing drinks last night~ I didn’t actually… I was just like a tester~ IT was fun! Gee actually… played around and made a new drink~ It’s pretty yummy….

Anyways.. above is some half&half I got on Friday. It was decent… but a latte taste in a tea kinda taste is odd. Really odd. So I’m not getting it again >.> We had fun~ Took a small trip… I got to beat a gym leader while waiting for him in some really nice weather… anddd….. then we did some shopping!!

Oh and just an end note: Sorry Hea… we didn’t mean to get you like that >.>

I feel as though I didn’t give enough details… I’m not sure how much I CAN put though. Oh on the way home there was construction for like… two extra exits on the highway… so I was put further from home T.T I also had a video chat with one of my school groups today…. those are always so interesting. It’s weird because even online I start to feel a bit… shy. I think its an odd thought since… it’s online! who cares =.= I should really find my alter ego in a game and just act completely different than what I normally would.



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