that cheat sheet. you know it.


Because this is what happens when professors let you have “cheat sheets” =.= Let’s face it. We’ve all done it! Trying to get out of really ‘studying’ by cramming everything on one piece of paper. xD This is the result of mine~ This is just one side too >.>

Actually… through the use of cheat sheets… I’ve gotten into the habit of writing everything important on white pieces of paper like this. So not like this is anything tedious for me xD Though.. I will admit. THIS much information on one piece of paper is a little much @.@

So this is what my time has resorted to lately. For the most part. I completely forgot to prepare for this test so…. its all cramming from here on out =.= It sucks. Especially since I have lots of other university stuff to do…. UGH T.T

Did I mention parentals are making me study for even MORE stuff? Apparently I’m a real estate agent that will have a tax license and a bachelor in management. I’m seriously not sure where my life is going right now -.- It’s like… being ripped apart by so many many many different paths. Do I even want to get on one?! How about that one road. you know. That road not taken? xP Sorry. Couldn’t resist!!

Alright. Time to spruce up my resume. Sleep. Wake up. REad my article. Talk to employers. Study for test. Command the group. Take test. Eat. Sleep. =.=



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