Smart bunny, sleepy bunny!


Hunny Bunny found a new spot xD He’s sleeping! Napping? Eh, whatever bunnies do xD TOday flew by o.o Like.. insanely. I spent a good part of my day just doing the commission and then a nice chunk on shopping with the family for school stuff. (Which I learned to hid stashes of food deep within the pantry so it doesn’t get devoured by kiddos. It happens. I’ve seen it happen!) Then I just finished university stuffs which… is honestly killing my brain T.T Not like it’s hard to understand, its not. really. EEO and stare decisis… add in some recruitment and personalities of people and you get my semester xD It’s quite fascinating. =3

Let’s see… I wonder if I have anything interesting to tell…

This Friday is my photoshoot for Ragnarok~ It’s been planned for awhile. I’m sort of excited but not at the same time. I have a few minor pieces to make still and and… …. welll some tide white pen or something. it’s dirty =.=

Anyways…. ah… what was the point of this post >.> OH! Hunny bunny. He’s been rebelling lately. If I don’t give him some cereal before bringing him inside to his cage for the night he gets stubborn or tries to dart away =.= Smart little bunny. Annoyingly smart!!



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