Ah… Can’t wait untill I get to start on my own cosplays again =3 I don’t care if I have to bring it to school with me, I’m getting it done! Also… I’ve gotten a nice amount of poses I want to try doing, hey… my gym time has to be useful for something right~? Basically it’s just more flexibility~~ Right.. if you didn’t know that’s Asuna from Sword Art Online up there. Found th eimage off of tumblr~ Props to the artist ^^

Ahh… gotta love being the cute one that can fight~ I think that’s my favorite type of anime character. Not the girls who can JUST fight… which is why I don’t like Lightning from FF so much, she’s not that cute. But Serah with a crossbow?! She has my heart now xP (pink hair adds a really nice touch too~)

Man I did the wrost possible thing today. Hand sewed. Man I hate it -.- I went through 3 episodes of White COllar to sew on 2 pockets!!! THat’s roughly.. less than 3 hours? So lets just say an hour 15 minutes for each pocket. Crazy huh. I’m not completely satisfied still but… I’m hoping a nice iron will do the trick~ And possibly some extra threads…. The outfit didn’t call for hand sewing but. I wanted to make it look nice T.T I could’ve just made fake pockets!! but noooo >.>

I spent a good time of today reading too. Taking notes… being so good today T.T



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