Punk Sea Princess?


I doodled this in class sometime.. this week xD Then this morning I found it in my bag and decided to line it for the practice~ I honestly… only like the dress because it’s funky. But there are two themes clashing here and I’m thinking of creating them separately… later on. Probably in class. xD Can you tell I got tired of the hair? And the face… two things I just haven’t had the chance to do properly. I also took out a lot of details from the sketch o.o It’s suppose to be put in with a texture kind of thing or even light colors but.. oh well. I’ll keep it around and maybe one day when I get some color pencils I’ll color =3

On another note… Gee is SUPER lucky (or unlucky?) and got a table for ALA but I didn’t >.< Either way, he knows I’m invadinnnng~~

Ah today? I finished Season 2 of White Collar! I want to start the next season so badly but I think that’s a bad idea… Eh. xD

I also have to revise my resume tomorrow to see if I can add in my cosplay work discretely… I found an internship that deals with costumes but also the business part of it =3 I really want to see if I can get it… how great would that be?! I really want it…. imagine it… getting to work with costumes all day =3 and NOT making them!



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