Fully Lined~


If you tilt your head to the right… the picture becomes “straight” Since this iron board became the best work place xD I busted out my sewing book for this commission because.. well… I hate doing collars >.>I  can’t believe I’m still using that steal needle holder… xD Its basically the first thing I “made” with my sewing machine… it’s probably why I haven’t bought a replacement even though I found cute ones… like a tea cup one!! It makes me want to buy a teacup and just make it into one… not smart huh. Okay.. plastic tea cup xD

The annoying part of it?


Fulling lining stuff. It’s something I hate doing but in the end it makes things look so nice!! >.> So I’m hoping this one is the same.. even though I think I used too hard of an interfacing.. something lighter would’ve been better, oh well…

This was most of my day.. well.. okay I watched White Collar… and did some other work. Everything is planned out ^^ I’m glad.



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