Pictures, forever & Always


I know this is an old picture.. made a year and then some old? I really love my ragnarok cosplay T.T I never got a proper cosplay photoshoot of it ….. But I have a cause to do so now! I have motivation and a deadline ^^ There is a Ragnarok Cosplay contest going on and I think the deadline is the beginning of next month~ Well.. I don’t have the staff but I’ll try to make it work~ I don’t want to invest in a staff >.> Lazy to make it when I should be making Sakura’s or even my sword for SAO….. Yea I only have a vauge idea how to make it at the moment…. T.T

It’s sad… the picture above is the best one I have of myself in it I believe. So time to go find a nice place and just take pictures beyond pictures! I’m planning to print out poses and everything too! It’s gonna be hopefully the first of a successful line of photoshoot. I don’t take them seriously.. it’s hard for me to at first… because.. I dunno. It’s kind of nerve wreaking o.o Being in the spotlight when it’s NOT an anime con time.

Anyways. Today was the first day of my workout at school! I forgot how much I don’t like working out in front of people… I also noticed how my color scheme is changing~ Not like I mind so much, I think it’s fitting for fall coming closer ^^ Purples and carmine… oh! And can’t forget the navy blue =3 I’ve been lazy lately but this weekend is probably my last weekend I have to myself so I honestly think I’ll start on props! Gasp right? It can’t hurt~~

 Oh hey, guess what song has been stuck inside my head? TSwift’s Forever & Always =3



2 thoughts on “Pictures, forever & Always

  1. This picture is so pretty*-* you look good with blond hair in my opinnion, mostly on this picture of your ragnarok cosplay, it somehow looks way better than all the others you have of this cosplay and i also like this little thing(the plush in your hand sorry for calling it thing…) it has such a cute face :3 and little cute wings:3

    • If I remember correctly the blob of a thing is a…. arch angeling? I think… xDD It’s been awhile since I played Ragnarok~ Weird I don’t remember it’s name when it sleep on my bed next to me everyday… but thanks ^^

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